Stubby Steve's

 The originial TOURNAMENT WINNING Stubby Steve's Fish Food Pellet has been on the market for several years.  It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable exact replica of a piece of commercial fish food.  This is an obvious choice for any hatchery raised fish, or any fish in a pond or lake.  Having sent over 50,000 packs to experts, professional anglers, North American Fishing Club Official Testers, and FishHound Official Testers we can say that this lure has the most potent, effective, long lasting fish attractant odor ever produced in a lure!  Every species of fish loves this product! No spray on odor, no elaborate expensive storage containers (the odor is engineered into each piece).  These facts coupled with our pvoven "stay on the hook all day" durability make this the obvious choice for any fishing situation.  The flexibility of using the product by itself, or adding it to your favorite lure is an added bonus.  In our first 2 Crappie USA tournaments professional anglers secured 1st, 2nd, two 4ths, and a 5th using our lure!  Professional catfish, redfish, wall-eye, and bass anglers are next.  And yes, this lure does out fish live bait most of the time; with no mess and no constant re-baiting!  But don't take our word for it - take the time to browse the long list of of Official Field Tester reviews.  Any good company listens to the experts, professionals, and field testers.  With this in mind we are proud to introduce our new line of products.  The same awesome odor, the same durability, just different shapes and colors. 

27860 Governor G. C. Peery Highway, North Tazewell, Virginia, 24630, United States
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