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Stubby Steve's- tricked again....

Dan Dannenmueller gives Stubby Steve's his approval....

31 Jan 2014 01:34

We'd like to thank Mr. Dannenmueller for his incredible testimonial using our Stubby Steve's Fish Food Pellets.... Not only is he an amazing fisherman, he's also the perfect gentleman and someone we're very proud to call a good friend.....
"I have been using the Stubby Steve’s Baits for almost a year now.  It is phenomenal crappie bait that is extremely effective.  It entices crappie to bite with a trail of scent and once they do bite they hang on to the bait longer which increases your catch rate at least 10 to 1 better than without it.  I use it in conjunction to using minnows and it will hold the minnows on the hook even after catching several fish and bites.  We have found the catch rates to greatly exceed Gulp and Crappie Nibbles and stay on the hook up to a full day at a time.  What a great product and we will continue using it while on the Crappie Tournament Trail!!!!"

Dan Dannenmueller Sr. is a two-time Points Angler of the Year for both 2011 and 2012 on the Crappie Master’s tour.

Visit his incredible online magazine for crappie fishing.... it's free and full of information, photos, videos, etc.....   CRAPPIE NOW

Brand new pinks!

6 Nov 2013 00:02

At the Crappie USA Classic a couple of weeks ago, we were talking with some of the fishermen while watching the weigh-ins.  Several of them asked us to make our Fish Food Lure in pink.  They said that is their favorite color if they were forced to choose.   So........ less than one week after the conversation, here it is! 

We were playing around with different shades, trying to arrive at the perfect color.  Steve chose two to try.  Everyone argued about which was their favorite when he brought in the finished product.  We even asked some well-respected professional crappie tournament fishermen which we should make.  We were told we just had to make BOTH (for different water conditions).  So, at least for now, here is "Light" pink and "Dark" pink pellets and worms.   They are gorgeous!  We threw out a couple pellets in a trout stream near us and immediately the pellets were gobbled up after a frenzied splashing of trout! :) 

When I next go fishing (Stacy), I'm using a 3 inch BLACK worm tipped with a brilliant PINK pellet.  Don't know which pink just yet, lol. 

Fishermen fishing!

5 Nov 2013 01:37

We truly appreciate fishermen who send us photos of their catches using our lures.  Here is a nice wiper caught by Scott using our Original Brown Fish Food Pellet.  Thank you, Scott!  He loves our lures and actually sells them on his online store:

"BLACK" - our newest color!

5 Sep 2013 17:08

We listen to the professionals in the industry we meet while at a conference or on a fishing trip.... a lot can be learned from the guys who have been in the trenches.  We were told that "black" is some fishermen's favorite color to use.... especially at dusk.  We listen, we invent, and then we go fishin'!

I had four bites after four casts and then decided to do the "catching" a little better.....
Three small mouth bass caught with new "BLACK" Fish Food Worms


We've had great success with these!  They are another great color to add to our arsenal of fish food lures!  Of course, we're making the pellets, crawfish, shrimp and creature baits in black, as well.

Caleb's 27 inch long Rainbow!

17 Mar 2013 18:31

Caleb and his Dad (from Tangent Outfitters in Pembroke, VA) tried out our Original Brown Pellet.  He did an amazing job getting the fish in quickly and said, "this is the biggest trout I've caught in my entire life"!  Ours, too!

Fishing with new Fish Food Pellet colors and new Fish Food Worms!

17 Mar 2013 18:28

New 4 inch Fish Food Fishing worms!

17 Mar 2013 18:26

Our 3 inch worms are doing so well we decided to make them a little longer for the bass and redfish fishermen....
John - and Official Field Tester from FishHound told us: "I thought this product worked very well for small mouth bass there could be a better selection of colors but over all they work very well in the types of shallow waters i fish".   He didn't have the new "Lightnin' Bug" color!

Stubby Steve's "Lightnin' Bug" Fish Food Worm

21 Jan 2013 00:39

Fish went crazy over this new color!  One fish even held on for 19 seconds before letting go... 
Rainbows and a Brook caught using "Lightnin' Bug" Worm


7 Jan 2013 01:07

Two brand new lures added to our product line.  We listen to fishermen....

"Lightnin' Bug" Chubbys

"White" Fish Food Fishing Pellets

4 Jan 2013 00:00

The latest testimonial from FishHound official field testers:

"This product was alot smaller than I imagined, but for it being so small, it still got more bites than lures alone. I just wish it was a little bit bigger. I think it could work even better if it were combined with some red food coloring, to make it look like blood." Joesph

Thank you, Joesph.  We already thought about it and think you'll be pleased.....

Stubby Steve's Crappie Lures - NEW "LIGHTNIN' BUG" WORMS AND PELLETS!

1 Jan 2013 17:31

Crappie fishing? Try our Stubby Steve's pellets! One pellet lasts all day (current record is 62 crappie with ONE piece)!

The new "Lightnin' Bug" color is a vivid chartreuse.  Seems to almost glow in the water!

"'Lightnin' Bug" worms and pellets
Read the first edition of 2013 CrappieNow magazine! Full of valuable information...

You've never fished with a worm like this!

28 Dec 2012 02:36

A new site to help introduce our new Fish Food Fishing Worms!  They are made with the same proven formula as our original brown pellets... just in the new shape and all three (maybe four, hint, hint, hint....) colors: "True Earthworm Brown", "Blood Red" and "White"... and "          "(can't say just yet)!  They still have the same stay-on-the-hook-all-day durability as our other lures.  Fish were chasing these like crazy when we filmed a video fly fishing for trout.  The chum trail is immediate and unbeatable.  The lasting scent, well... lasts like it should!  A knowledgable tournament fisherman told us he tells everyone, "try to get it off your hook... you could beat it against a rock and you might bend your hook but you're NOT getting the Stubby Steve's off!". 

Stubby Steve's Fish Food Fishing Worms

Road Runner lure and the new "Bloody Chubby" Stubby Steve's

15 Dec 2012 18:15

Gorgeous photography by T.J. Stallings (T.T.I. Blakemore):

Road Runner lure and "Bloody Chubby" Stubby Steve's

121 bluegill caught in 15 minutes using only 4 Stubby Steve's Original Fish Food Pellets

14 Dec 2012 01:37

"From this location we once sampled and some relatives (4 – 1 adult and 3 10-12 yr olds 2 who had never fished) using worms were catching about 1 bluegill per minute for about 10 minutes. I got out the Stubby Steve’s and they started catching bluegill as fast as they (I) could unhook them and put it back in the water. On 4 Stubby Steve’s pellets (one each) they caught 121 bluegill in 15 minutes. Then we stopped because my hands were torn up as I was the hook remover, pic taker and condition analyst."Eric West on Pond Boss Forum

Eric West's pond

Firtst time fishing with new STUBBY STEVE'S "BLOOD RED" PELLETS

10 Dec 2012 02:41

This was quite a successful adventure! The size of the Rainbow is unbelievable (compare it to Steve's thighs).  We're guessing it weighed ~12lb because we earlier weighed a smaller fish at 10lb and this one is MUCH bigger!   The "Blood Red" is brilliant in the water.  WATCH THE RAINBOW JUMP OVER THE GOLDEN TO GET TO OUR LURE! 

New Stubby Steve's Fish Food Worm in "Blood Red", "White" and "True Earthworm brown"

9 Dec 2012 01:33

Debut of new Stubby Steve's Fish Food Worms

9 Dec 2012 00:32

"Blood Red" Worm

"True Earthworm Brown" Worm

"White" Worm
The fishing conditions were difficult but we had a successful day fishing with all three colors ("Blood Red", "White" and "True Earthworm Brown") of our Fish Food Worm.  This video show Rainbows, Brooks and a Brown trout being caught on a fly rod.  These are an exciting addition to or Original Stubby Steve's Artificial Fish Food Fishing Lure Pellets!

Fish Food Fishing Worms

Ethan's letter

30 Sep 2012 02:52

We live for lovely surprises like this letter Crappie USA sent to us.  This little man has a red hat, decal, and a package of Stubby Steve's already in the mail to him.  This is what it is all about,... getting the kids out fishing.   Thank you, Ethan, for taking the time and consideration to send this. 

Newest FishHound Official Tester Testimonial

7 Jun 2012 20:58

"The bait worked well in the river Brackish water caught some nice catfish on it but also hooked some nice spotted sea trout on this bait. I really enjoyed fishing with is product." Timothy

FishHound Testimonials

Testimonial by Captain Darrell Van Vactor, President/CEO Crappie USA and Cabela's King Kat Trail

30 May 2012 17:48

"Having worked in the fishing business for over 25 years it takes a lot to impress me when talking about new fishing products. During the past two months four of our employees and myself have been fishing Stubby Steve's for crappie, shellcracker, bluegill and channel catfish. Knowing well the importance of scent and having used Power Bait and Gulp for years when fishing for these species my employees and I are overwhelmed at the effectiveness of Stubby Steve's. One pellet will last longer than a jar of Power Bait product and catch as many or more fish whether fished alone on a bare hook or tipped on a jig. When anglers try this product they will never go fishing without it. It is truly the best scented bait I have ever used."

Captain Darrell Van Vactor, President / CEO Crappie USA and Cabela's King
Kat Trail.

Doyle and Sonny Milby place first at Pickwick/Wilson Crappie USA Super Event

20 May 2012 01:13

 Congratulations to Doyle and Sonny Miller from Murray, Kentucky!

"Amateur Division Results
First place in the amateur division was the Murray, Kentucky team of Doyle and Sonny Milby with a 2-day total weight of 18.51 pounds and earned $1,500 for first place in the Amateur Division. Doyle and Sonny also received $200.00 for the Driftmaster Rod Holder Bonus. Doyle and Sonny were slow trolling lime/chartreuse Southern Pro tube jigs tipped with Stubby Steve's Bait in 9 feet of water over natural wood cover up Bear Creek. The team caught 75 fish for the 2-days of the event"

Crappie USA Super Event at Pickwick/Wilson, AL on 04/27/12 - 04/28/12

Crappie USA Super Tournament

30 Apr 2012 02:13

$10,000.00 Super Event
This past Friday and Saturday April 27th & 28th Crappie USA held a 2-day $10,000.00 Super Event on one of the most popular tournament sites in the nation the Pickwick/Wilson Lakes at Sheffield, Alabama. Over 100 anglers from 13 states were competing for not only the $10,000.00 in cash and prizes, but the opportunity to qualify for the prestigious Cabela’s Crappie USA Classic. This year's classic will be held October 24th-27th, 2012 on the Barkley/Kentucky Lakes at Cadiz, Kentucky...

Congratulations to Brian Arnett of Kevil, Kentucky and Marc Shoulta of Symsonia, Kentucky who placed 2nd using our Stubby Steve's Artificial Fish Food Fishing Lure. 

Fifth place went to Jo and Henry Haley of Carmi, Illinois weighing in 19.17 pounds to earn the Driftmaster Anchor System. Jo and Henry were slow trolling blue/chartreuse and yellow/green Southern Pro jigs tipped with minnows and Stubby Steve baits over manmade cover in Bear Creek to catch over 70 fish in the 2-days of the event.

(waiting on a photo!)

Fifth place went to the team of Daniel and Steve Gentz of St. Louis, Missouri with a weight of 15.31 pounds and earning $300.00. Daniel and Steve were fishing Yellow Creek in 14-16 feet of water using live bait tipped with Stubby Steve's bait. The team credited Stubby Steve's Bait for their good tournament finish 2 weeks in a row.

We're proud to be a part of this!


27 Apr 2012 01:31

"I've been having great success with Stubby Steve's for crappie. I have had the same 1/6th a piece on my jig for three weeks, and still catch as many or more fish than anglers using Crappie Nibblets. Although the Nibblets work well, you have to rebait 99 out of 100 times you get a bite. The only time i've ever lost Stubby Steve's is when I lost my jig. I have an inside connection with Berkley, so I have 2 cases of Nibblets I will never use." Mike Suitt - Lawrence, KS

"It was very windy yesterday but I still managed to catch more than 25 crappie with one piece of Stubby Steve's. I love this product. The bad thing is I have 10 jars of Crappie Nibblets that I don't know what I'm going to do with. I guess I can give them away for Christmas presents!" Richard Varran - Lawrence, KS

Genz team places fourth in Crappie USA tournament April 2012

24 Apr 2012 18:09

In fourth was the team of Daniel and Steve Gentz both of St. Louis, Missouri weighing in 22.92 pounds and earning $300.00. Daniel and Steve were vertical jigging chartreuse Southern Pro jigs fishing in 23 feet of water up the Blood River area to catch over 50 fish for the event. Daniel and Steve credited Stubby Steve's biodegradable scent attractant for catching their fish. Several teams used the new Stubby Steve's attractant on their jigs and commented how it stayed on the jig longer than any other attractant on the market and really helped them get more bites and caused the fish to hold on to the jig longer.


Hybrid Striped Bass

24 Apr 2012 03:11

This 10lb 12oz Hybrid Striped Bass was caught on an 8 weight flyrod using a Mustad dry fly hook.... and of course, Stubby Steve's (the state record is 13lb.... so guess what we're up to)!!!

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